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Ben Drysdale and Niall Howe

Ben and Niall’s harmonious collusion, reserved for listening audience venues and festivals only, takes audiences on a contemporary folk journey through vulnerable, visceral ballads exploring the darkness and light of the human condition to upbeat folky foot stompers full of energy and hope.


Drysdale’s award-winning songs blend folk and blues with twists of soul and pop. Howe’s accompaniment fuses classical training on piano with journeys through folk, jazz, funk, ska and swing - building new dimensions into the songs and complementing Drysdale’s heartfelt vocals and rhythmic guitar perfectly. 


After a series of packed shows at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra they made waves at the 2024 Cobargo Folk Festival filling the 2nd and 3rd largest venues despite being a ‘new act’ in the folk festival scene. The pair are madly applying for festivals in late 2024 and 2025 to continue the fun.

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