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Ben Drysdale - Singer/Songwriter

“An utterly flawless debut solo single from an artist who is on course to be a household name.”- It’s all Indie (UK) review of ‘If I Don’t Lie Down’


“Drysdale belts out raw vocals alongside swelling instrumentation, reaching what can only be described as a sonic catharsis.” - Happy Mag (Aus) review of ‘Listen Now’


Following the international success of his debut solo single 'If I Don't Lie Down' in December, Canberra-based Indie Folk Singer/Songwriter Ben Drysdale is captivating audiences once again with his award-winning sophomore single, 'Listen Now', a heartfelt tale about supporting a friend through alcoholism and dire mental health challenges. The new Indie Folk ballad debuted at #2 on the Australian Independent Record Label Association charts, and has received rave reviews from around the world after landing 2nd place in the 2023 Hawaii Songwriting Festival competition. 50% of Bandcamp sales will be donated to suicide prevention.


Ben is an award-winning singer songwriter and Indie Folk artists from Canberra, Australia. He colours his raw and heartfelt lyrics with musical shades of indie folk, pop, soul, and blues tailoring the energy of a set to the audience: whether engaging a thoughtful listening crowd or filling a dance floor. His songs span from vulnerable and visceral ballads exploring the darkness of the human condition to upbeat foot stompers full of energy and hope. He has played shows in the US, Ireland and Canada and featured on bills with some of Australia’s greatest including Paul Kelly, The Waifs and Busby Marou as well as international stars such as Chris Isaak.


After fronting a number of bands since 2004 including Smitten, Beth n Ben, and 8-piece funk and soul outfit East Row Rabble, Drysdale is embarking on a new Indie Folk project under his own name. His debut solo single ‘If I Don’t Lie Down’ came out Friday Dec 15. It debuted on the AMRAP regional charts at #7 jumping to #4 the next week, had a feature profile on the Australian Independent Record Labels Association Website, and has received rave reviews from music magazines and blogs around the world including the US, UK, France, Mexico, Ghana and Serbia with people streaming in over 80 countries.


‘’If I Don’t Lie Down’ encapsulates Ben’s unique and heartfelt compositions blending of folk and pop melodies, introspective storytelling, and passionate vocals.’"- Australian Independent Record Labels Association


“This title [Listen Now] weaves a delicate canvas of acoustic melodies and sincere lyrics, reflecting the fragility and resilience of the human mind. It is a demonstration of Drysdale's ability to tell stories with emotion, where every chord is empathetic, and every word resonates with the gentle assurance that no one should face its darkest hours alone.


While 'Listen Now' finds its place in the hearts and playlists of listeners around the world, it is ready not only to leave an indelible mark on independent folk music, but also to spark crucial conversations about mental health and the healing process. Ben Drysdale's musical journey continues to be a lighthouse, guided by empathy and understanding, one song at a time.” ExtravaFrench (France)


His unreleased track ‘I’m Flyin’ Now’ received an honourable mention in the ‘Folk/Singer songwriter’ category of the 2022 Unsigned Only Music Competition and was also a winner of the ‘Win Some Love’ promotion placing it in the top 3 of honourable mentions across all categories.


Ben’s 2021 release ‘Either Way’ (a duet with LA artist Justina Shandler) was featured on Season 3 of the US TV show ‘Good Trouble’ in March 2021 and MTVs ‘Ex On The Beach’ in 2022. His music has also featured on The Young and The Restless. Ben’s catalogue has 38 music licensing deals across 11 agencies around the world.

Drysdale has released five studio EPs and a full length live album including Smitten’s self-titled debut EP (2007), Beth n Ben’s releases Boarding Pass (EP 2010), Economy Class (EP 2011), Scenic Roots (EP 2013), and Baggage Claim (Live Album 2015), and East Row Rabble’s debut self-titled EP (2018). Drysdale has co-written on 6 tracks that other artists have released including ‘Either Way’ by LA artist Justina Shandler and H1Fiv3’s ‘Clock’s Tickin’’ which he featured vocals on. Another 5 track EP under the moniker Back Alley Scholar, and a 10-track solo album are as yet unreleased and will be coming out in the near future. 


‘Drysdale’s global collaborations, international songwriting accolades, and features on US TV shows underscore the depth of his musical journey. With the release of “If I Don’t Lie Down,” listeners not only gain access to a melodic gem but also become part of a profound exploration of resilience—a testimony to the indomitable spirit that propels artistic pursuit. As the echoes of this debut solo release reverberate, it solidifies Ben Drysdale’s place as a solo artist, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.’ Musikepool (UK)


‘‘If I Don’t Lie Down’ is more than just a song; it’s a journey through the highs and lows of pursuing one’s dreams. It’s a foot-stomping anthem that combines the rawness of folk with the energy of indie music, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre and a fantastic introduction to Ben Drysdale’s solo work.’ - Broken Color (USA)

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